The About Us page is frequently probably the most overlooked or neglected on business websites.

Most companies produce a site to list out their services and products for prospective customers. They would like to make money or expand their business. Within their view, anything else is simply window dressing. Or perhaps is it?

Why would you worry about an About Us page if it is not answering questions regarding your product or service or directly selling services?

Marketing studies have really proven which more than 1 / 2 of readers browse the About Us page first. They would like to become familiar with you and also make a psychological reference to your brand.

Prospective customers spend hrs researching products, studying reviews, and evaluating your prices to competitors, but it’s rely upon your brand that pushes on them the advantage to buy.

That is why building a highly effective About Us page is really important. Actually, one professor from Harvard Business School stated in 2017 that 95% of buying decisions are subconscious.

Within this blog, we’ll demonstrate the significance of getting a great About Us page and supply one step-by-step guide regarding how to make your own.

Prepared to join in?

What's an About Us Page?

Once we pointed out above, the About Us page is definitely an chance to determine trust with prospective customers by discussing your specific story.

You will find three objectives worthwhile About Us page attempts to achieve:

  1. Reflect your brand’s image (as initially seen around the Webpage)
  2. Build trust using the readers
  3. Share the initial story behind your organization

Keep in mind that your small business is unique. Even when exactly the same thing exactly the same products as countless other competitors, your story differs from their own.

You need to share the reason behind founding your organization within an About Us page, in addition to that which you provide that others don’t as well as your core mission or values.

Take into account that 83% of millennials think it’s vital that you purchase from firms that align using their own beliefs and values. Millennials are actually the biggest generational block within the U . s . States and most them buy online.

You have to engage them to be able to stay competitive going to return.

About Us pages typically incorporate a story about the organization, high-res photographs or videos of staff, and mission or value statements.

The visual aspects of an About Us page are your decision because the business owner, but we’ve identified important elements that should be there for much better results.

When helping clients create their About Us page, The HOTH follows an overview approach:

  1. Headline & Subhead
  2. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  3. Our Story & History
  4. Social Proof
  5. Contact Details & Locations
  6. Proactive approach (CTA)

Keep studying below and we’ll discuss all these sections in depth.

Make Use Of An Attention-Grabbing Headline & Subhead

Headlines are extremely important because it’s the very first factor visitors might find. Consider walking beyond the first page of the newspaper. What have you detected first?

Your page’s headline ought to be within the <h1> format and answer the issue of the items services you are offering. It ought to be engaging and concise.

Beneath the headline is the subhead within the <h2> format. You’ll convey more room here to describe what benefits a customer can get out of your company. Don’t write greater than 1-2 short sentences.

In case your web copy works well, you’ll grab their attention and they’ll continue studying all of those other page.

Create a Unique Selling Proposition

A distinctive selling proposition is really a marketing term. It describes why your small business is superior to your competition.

This is when you are able to discuss your mission and demonstrate the way your values align with their own.

You’ll are thinking about creating a piece title within the <h2> format along with a description of the company in <p>. A lot of companies will publish a couple of short sentences to have their way. Don’t allow it to be too lengthy or they’ll be more prone to navigate away.

Here’s a good example of The HOTH’s USP:

As you can tell, we authored a short background of the organization and described to prospective customers that you want to give a superior internet marketing service with excellent customer care.

Share Your Organization Story

The following section is definitely an chance to dive much deeper in to the good reputation for your brand. Many people may wish to understand how lengthy you have been open and just what accomplishments you’ve remodeled that point.

Create a headline in <h2>. It's your choice regardless of whether you would like it to be known as “Our Story,” “Our History,” or something like that creative your team pops up with.

If you are creating an interactive timeline or adding multiple sections, then make use of the <h3> format to interrupt in the copy.

The outline of the brand come in <p> format and can include any information which you believe is pertinent to prospective customers. This could possibly get lengthy real fast, so allow people to scan the written text by utilizing short sentences.

Take a look at our page:

When designing our Concerning the Brand section, we really broke the data lower into four subheadings in . They incorporated “Before The HOTH,” “The Beginning,” “Growth & Expansion,” and “Today & Beyond.”

See our full About Us page here.

Provide Social Proof

Among the best methods to demonstrate your company’s excellence is thru social proof. Including testimonials from happy customers or third-party recognitions.

Testimonials in your website can be displayed as short sentences or videos. Prospective customers want to see these to understand more about your organization.

Have you ever earned any esteemed certifications or awards? This is actually the spot to brag about this!

Just like another sections above, your headline come in <h2>, subheadings in <h3>, and then any descriptions in <p>.

In The HOTH, we made the decision to possess a little fun with ours and produced the “Trophy Room” to showcase our accomplishments:

We organized this by year. Aside from the recognitions we've received since 2017, our website is filled with testimonials from customers along with other Search engine optimization experts. The greater quality social proof you've, the greater.

Check our reviews page for inspiration. You may also access our Search engine optimization situation studies after that.

Remember Your Contact Details & Locations

A lot of companies forget to include contact details for their website. This can be a bad idea. Keep in mind that an About Us page is trying to establish trust having a prospective customer.

You need to provide the customer all of the pertinent information they require about what you are, and the way to achieve you.

You’ll should also list all your locations to allow them to discover the one nearest for their home or office.

Format your Contact Details & Locations section identical to the others. Begin with a <h2> headline and write the data in <p>. Use <h3> if you want to split up the information even more.

Wrap it up nicely Having a Strong CTA

You shouldn't skip an chance to obtain your online people to take the things they learned in your About Us page and perform an action.

First, determine what is an essential conversion with this page. Could it be asking to enroll in an e-e-newsletter? Or perhaps is it booking an appointment by having an expert?

Once you’ve determined that out, write a targeted proactive approach (CTA) and get a button or graphic to focus on it. Here’s one particualr strong CTA in the HOTH:

We’ve made the decision our most significant conversion gets people to open a totally free HOTH account. From your account dashboard, customers could possibly get more details about any one of our products and purchase them instantly.

Make use of the <h2> format for that title and <h3> if you wish to incorporate a subheading. We didn’t give a description for this CTA, but that might be in <p>.

Do You Want Help Updating Your About Us Page?

It's very easy to neglect the About Us page of the website when you are so centered on making enhanced websites. But, the simple truth is an About Us page can get lots of traffic.

You ought to be utilizing it to strengthen your logo and establish trust with visitors.

If you want help reworking your About Us page or you simply don’t have time to get it done, you are able to achieve to the HOTH Web Copy team. Our article writing team consists of the very best 1% of applicants. They’ll provide Search engine optimization enhanced web copy that's crafted with conversions in your mind.

The good thing is that you could monitor the performance of the new page whenever with this transparent reporting system.

Book a phone call around how to discuss your objectives and discover what are going to that will help you!