One of the most important factors in Search engine optimization is outbound links. This may not be a surprise to many readers, but it can still be an intimidating topic to tackle. In this post, we will discuss how important they are and what you need to know about them in 2021.

The influence of outbound links is on the rise in 2021 and will most likely continue with link building changing drastically over the last decade. Search engine algorithms are more complex than ever, requiring marketers to not only provide valuable content but also build relationships. Outbound links are one of the best ways to do this, giving readers a chance to learn about another topic that may be relevant for them.

What exactly are outbound links?

It's when one website links to another on your site, also known as external links. These are a collection of hyperlinks on your website that lead people away from the main topic toward another website for the express purpose of providing more information or clarification about the subject at hand.

However, if links lead users to a different page within the same domain, they are known as internal. Internal links work in the same way, but they have a different goal in mind.

Will outbound links direct my traffic away from my site?

No. Carefully selected outbound links placed within your content will drive more traffic to your site, Outbound links improve the trustworthiness of your material, increasing authority and search ranking.

The use of links to other sites in your content has a two-fold purpose: first, it contextualizes the material for search engines, and second, it establishes trust between Google and you.

It's important for Google and your readers to be able to understand how trustworthy and reliable your content is, without needing any prior expertise on the subject. High-quality content and articles often include references to their sources. The piece becomes more influential and holds a stronger position when it references other opinions and evidence that backs up your claims or views.

Outbound links act as sources that Google and your readers can examine in order to assess the trustworthiness and dependability of your material. Readers who are engaged are more likely to read and follow articles that provide more information and evidence for the reader. In this regard, the outbound links improve the resource's authority.

How and where to add outbound links to your content?

When you have a keyword or phrase from your content in mind for an outbound link, find an article or page that is relevant to the topic of your article. Make sure that the content is from a reliable, trustworthy source. Search engines may penalize your site for adding spammy or irrelevant links. If you don't have access to tools like Majestic or Ahrefs to check the trust and authority of a source, you can perform a google search and select a high ranking website. Then locate an article, video or even an infographic that backs up the views and points in your article.

The link should be added "contextually" This simply means to add the link to keywords or a phrase in your text rather than using text like "read more" or "this website" or the address of the website. Ensure that links don't exceed five consecutive words, you want the link to be relevant to a concise piece of information or viewpoint. Long links can confuse search engines and can dilute the context of the point. Add links throughout your content, we like to aim for one link every 300 words and aim for at least 3-5 for smaller posts. Finally and importantly make sure you check that the link is correct and works once your page is published

Here are our top outbound linking tips

Outbound links are a valuable way to add value for your readers without increasing the time it takes you to produce more content. They're also an excellent ranking factor in search and can be used as a form of trust-building. They create authority on your website and help increase traffic.

In 2021, their importance will only increase because they'll become even more important than ever when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and link-building efforts. If you haven't yet started including outbound links in your blog posts or website copy, we'd love help getting you up and running with them!

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